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A Self Evaluation…

This is going to be a little bit different Chef Fan’s. This is my own self evaluation of how I did in my International Cuisine Class. The questions being asked were given to us on the first day of class to use as self-reflection, and I am using them to talk about my performance in the class as a whole. Enjoy….

International Flavors: Asia and the Middle East

Questions to Raise Awareness and Improve Performance


The following is a list of questions developed to assist students in changing the way in which they approach their education at the BA level. Some are basic and obvious, but should not be taken for granted. Others may pose new scenarios to document or reflect upon.

What time did you arrive for class today?

Tuesdays I am there at 4:00 when Product Development gets out. On Thursdays I walk over at noon to eat lunch and do homework before class.

 Did you show initiative and begin the lab set up?

Most of the time, yes. I put down tables and got sani buckets. Or I would help whoever began set up before me.

Where you in acceptable brigade?


What was the Chefs feedback on your brigade?

No comments negative or positive.

 Did the chef take brigade?

Yes. Sometimes had a student take brigade.

 Did you shower before class this morning/afternoon?


 Did you improve your brigade from yesterday’s feedback? Why or why not?

I did not receive feedback, negative or positive. I did not change my brigade.

If you were the Chef and a student was not in brigade and you knew that this individual was aware of the guidelines what would you do?

I would remove them from class.

 Do you think brigade violations are a sign of disrespect to the instructor? The Institute?

If the instructor themselves take care of their brigade and follow the standards, then yes. The same is true for the Institute, If NECI is going to enforce brigade standards then they need to do that, but if there are going to be chefs that don’t care about Brigade and not remove students from class because of how they look then it isn’t a sign of disrespect because the School has let that person get off with not having correct brigade.

Did you review your work/readings prior to the start of the classroom lecture?

Yes, and had them up during the lecture so I was able to read from my notes.

 Did you communicate in a positive manner with your classmates today?

With the majority of them, yes.

 Was their feedback from the chef in this area?


 Do you think you exhibited a high level of professionalism today?

Why or Why not?

Yes. I acted in the most professional manner possible, and tried my best to be professional each day in class.

What do you think you can do to improve for tomorrow?

Not let other people and their issues bother me.

 Did you have a clear plan/mise en place list prior to entering production?

Yes, because at this point in School we should be doing that each day.

 How many questions did you ask today?

On average I ask questions only when I need clarification or I feel someone else in the class needs clarification but does not want to ask.  I’d say I usually ask 5-10 questions in lecture classes, and 2-3 questions in lab classes.

 In your opinion were they necessary questions? Were they addressed in mise en place? Were they BA level questions?

Yes, I do feel my questions are BA level questions, and on the most part I do not ask unnecessary questions.

 Were you relying on the chef to deliver your education today or did you take responsibility?

I feel that I took responsibility in learning the materials in my own way as best I could. I do expect my teacher to teach, though because that is why I am in school.

 What specifically did you do to help with lab set up today?

I brought down tables, gathered, filled, and checked sani buckets, got side towels, got cutting boards. Basically anything that needed to be done that no one was already doing.

 Did you observe others during production to maximize lab awareness/education?

Yes. I do observe my peers as much as I can while keeping track of my own projects. If we are working with a new item or piece of equipment I try to step away from my own projects to listen and watch what another student is doing so that I can also learn.

 Did you ask a classmate if they needed assistance?

Why or Why not?

I ask my classmates if I can help them if I have the time and they seem to be struggling. If I am unable to help them I do not offer.

 Did you finish by the required time?

Yes, I did finish by the required time or before. If I finished before the end I offered to assist other students or did a second project of my own.

 Did you ask for assistance?

If I was working with products I did not know I asked for clarification, but as class went on I tried to take responsibility and not ask for help.

 Do you think you should have needed assistance?

Without knowing how to use the product, since it was my first time having the opportunity to, yes, I felt justified in asking for assistance.

What will you do to improve in this area tomorrow?

I have improved in this area the more I come into contact with products I had not previously used. As class went on I also spent more time reading about the recipes I was going to be making and looking up other versions of that same recipe so that I would know how to make the recipe, as opposed to just reading it.

Do you think you were following strict sanitation guidelines today?

Yes, I followed the sanitation guidelines.

 Did the chef have to remind you about sanitation during the lab?


 What specifically did he say to you in particular? The group?

No comments were made. There have been a few days in class where the chef told the group that items needed to be covered and labeled no matter when or how they got into a walk in, but this was never directed at me.

Is this the first time the chef has had to mention this?

There have been 2-3 time that the chef talked to both the Mod 5 & Mod 6 group about this.

What specifically did you do during breakdown?

Wipe tables, put away tables, sweep, mop, clean sinks, clean out floor drain, wipe of stove tops/ ovens. Whatever wasn’t being done by a classmate.

 Did the chef have to assign a task to you?

No. I took initiative and did what I knew needed to be done.

Did you use the checklist?

When I was designated sous chef I used the checklist to make sure everything was done.

Did you have the required work for class today?

Yes. It was turned in the day before or several days before class.

If you were the instructor what would you do if a student was not prepared for lab/lecture?

Send them home, that is the reason why NECI has the rules it does. I honestly think that the rules should be followed more strictly.

 How does lack of preparation impact the lab? Your education? Your block mates education?

It affects my education by making it more difficult to learn to the best of my ability. The lab does not go quite as smoothly as it could and neither I nor my classmates get the best education possible.

Did you complete the required readings?

Yes. Daily, and I would also answer the question that came from the reading, or in lecture class.

 How many hours did you spend on your research/work for this course this week?

Last night?

I spend about 5 hours a week working on research/projects for this class. Usually an hour a night, but not always sometimes it was less and some days it was more.

Did you participate in the discussions during lecture/mise en place?


 Did you ask specific questions during mise en place to make you more productive in the lab?

Yes. I asked questions if they were necessary.

What recipes did you prepare today?

I prepared multiple recipes throughout the class. From gefilte fish to Japanese style rice, avocado shakes, and chow main.

 What were the techniques used?

I used multiple techniques. Stir frying in a wok, proper knife skills, time management skills, and sanitation.

  Did you cook well today?


 Were their mishaps?

Not usually. One day my dough was too dry, but we were able to correct it.

 What can you do tomorrow to prevent this mishap?

Learn from my mistakes.

 Did you focus on detail?

Yes. Detail makes things go from ordinary to exceptional.

Did you present your food appropriately?

Yes, I would always get a plate or bowl for whatever I would make because we eat with our eyes first.

Did you season to a high level?


What was the feedback from the chef/classmates in this area?

They found the majority of my dishes enjoyable. Some of the dishes (gefilte fish) were not as appealing.

Do you think that you gave the impression today that your education was very important to you?

My education is extremely important to me and I put forth that impression every day.

Do you think the instructor was prepared for class today?


Did he/she give the impression that your education/learning was important to him/her?


If your instructor was not prepared for class today or did not deliver a quality lesson what will you do about it?

I would attempt to speak with the instructor after class to ask questions about things I needed clarified.

 Did you get the impression that the Institute supported your education today? Yes or No


 If no, what will you do about it? Who will you contact? How will you handle the situation?

I would bring my issues to the department head in a professional manner and attempt to have them resolved or at least brought to the appropriate person’s attention


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