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LITE; A Pop up Restaurant.

Hello again Chef Fan’s! I know that a week or maybe two ago I told everyone that when I got the pictures back from the dinner I would be posting them to the blog and here we are!. If anyone would like to read over the recipes and see a more detailed nutritional analysis the please click Here. Below this is what everyone probably would like to see more of, and that it the pictures and menu of the event set up and actual plates that we put out.  I am really proud of my group and what we put out for a dinner, but if you want to know more about my thoughts and what the actual project was then please check out my post titled Developing a product and being an entrepreneur. Lets get into the good stuff now shale we? First things first our Restaurant was called….

Let us en-lite-n you!

We were given the Chef’s Table and had to set it up for 24 people. The table settings and layout had to be set how we would set them up for a fine dining restaurant.We decided to set up the room with two round tables and two rectangles Here is our center piece… We had four small glass candle holders each with a different element represented in it. Water, Air, Earth, and Fire as our concept was a light healthy meal focused on representing each of the four elements of nature. This is how the rest of Chef’s Table was set up…

 The Menu for our dinner:


Broccoli Rabe with Seared Scallop and Espellette Foam

70 Calories

Element: All four

Fish Consommé

Garnished with Mahi Mahi

81 ½ Calories

Element: Water


Dragon Ball

Lemon sorbet frozen in liquid nitrogen

42 Calories

Element: Wind


Spicy Grilled Duck Breast

With red lentils and mustard greens

369 Calories

Element: Fire


Beet Salad

With Arugula and Sherry Walnut Vinaigrette

180 Calories

Element: Earth



Meringues with blueberry filling and vanilla frozen yogurt

249 Calories

Element: All four

When all was said and done we had fun and got the job done, and after the dust settled our group won “Healthiest Concept” and won an imaginary $6 Million Dollars. We couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for a team effort. Let’s here it for team LITE Chef Fan’s!


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2 Comments on “LITE; A Pop up Restaurant.”

  1. Grandma March 22, 2012 at 3:11 pm #

    Great post and I love seeing pics

  2. Grandma March 22, 2012 at 3:13 pm #

    Great table settings too

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