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12 ea.                           Ripe Tomatoes, seeds squeezed out

3 ea.                             Red Peppers, seeded

5 ea.                             Cucumbers, seeded, peeled

3 ea.                             Red Onions

1 oz                             Virgin Olive Oil

4 oz                             Red Wine Vinegar

2 to 4 cups                   Tomato juice, V-8, or tomato broth*

½ cup                           Yogurt, non-fat

½ cup                           Dill, chopped

tt                                  Salt

tt                                  Ground Black Pepper


1. Rough chop all vegetables

2. Place vegetables in a tall container or bain marie

3. Using a stick processor start pureeing vegetables

4. Add oil and vinegar while processing

5. Add yogurt, dill and tomato juice or broth to consistency

6. Season

7. Refrigerate for service


Basil may be substituted for the dill; consistency may have to be adjusted after refrigeration. Garnish with dill sprigs, brunoise cucumber and sliced avocado. If tomatoes are very ripe and juicy almost no juice will be needed. This soup is best the day of preparation.


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