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Tomato Broth/Consommé


4qt                               Tomato juice or tomato puree’*

3 cup                           Egg whites (approximately 6 eggs)

1 cup                           Onion, rough chop

3 clove                         Garlic

3ea                               Bay leaf

1 cup                           Parsley stems

2 rib                             Celery, rough chop

2 4 inch piece              Carrot, peeled and rough chop

1 cup                           Fennel tops rough chop (optional)


  1. Place vegetables, garlic, bay leaf and parsley in a food processor and pulse until very small
  2. Place tomato juice into a small tall pot
  3. Whisk in vegetables and egg whites
  4. Bring to a simmer (do not boil vigorously)
  5. Cook for twenty minutes
  6. Strain a small amount of the mixture at a time through a china cap or other cone strainer that has been lined with a coffee or cone filter . You may need to change the filter several times during the straining. The resulting liquid should be clear. Gently press the solids to force the liquid through
  • Over ripe tomatoes that have been pureed in a food processor will work for this recipe, as will a combination of tomato juice and ripe tomato puree

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