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Shellfish Fumet/Stock White

4#                    Quahogs

8oz                  Mussels

1#                    Mirepoix cut 1 inch (20%)

1 cup               White wine

1 ea                  Bouquet garni


  1. Wash shellfish well
  2. Sweat mirepoix for ten minutes
  3. Add white wine and reduce by half
  4. Add shellfish and bouquet garni and cover with water
  5. Simmer for 30 minutes
  6. Reserve clams and mussels
  7. Strain stock

*It is important to select an appropriate vessel when preparing this stock or the amount of water will be excessive and the stock will be weak

* The white shellfish stock procedure closely resembles the fish fumet procedure. Depending on the intended use, the white wine can be omitted


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