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Bean and Pea Salad



4oz                                          Green beans

4 oz                                         Wax beans

4 oz                                         Sugar snap peas

4oz                                          Snow peas

2 cups                                      Pea sprouts or tendrils

1 Tablespoons                         Tarragon, chopped*

As needed                                Sherry vinaigrette (see recipe)

tt                                              Salt

tt                                              Pepper

2 Tablespoons                         Savory granola


  1. Trim, blanche and cut beans and peas into uniform ¾ inch or julienne pieces
  2. Place beans and peas in a bowl and add pea sprouts or tendrils and dill
  3. Dress and season salad to taste
  4. Garnish with pea and bean flowers if available and savory granola (see recipe)


A variety of herbs can be substituted for the tarragon including: dill and mint. A variety of dressings and vinaigrettes can be used in place of the sherry vinaigrette including the creamy mustard and light lemon vinaigrette. Variation: use the miso-mirin vinaigrette and add 2-3 tablespoons of shiso in place of the tarragon. Garnish with shaved radishes.


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