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Broccoli Stem and Pickled Ginger Slaw


½   lb                           Broccoli Stems (Peel exterior, sliced 1/16 thick into ribbons)

1    rib                          Celery (Peel exterior, sliced 1/16 thick into ribbons)

½   oz                           Pickled Ginger (julienne, reserve juice)

2    Tsp                                    Reserved Pickle Ginger Juice

1    Tsp                                    Soy Sauce

1    Tsp                                    Chili Garlic Oil

½   Tsp                                     Chinese Mustard Powder

½   bunch                     Red Grapes (Sliced 1/8 think)

1    Tbl                         Toasted Sesame Seeds

Tt                                 Sea Salt


  1. Place sliced broccoli and celery in ice water to crisp.
  2. In large metal bowl mix place ginger juice, soy sauce, mustard powder and chili oil. (Taste dressing)
  3.  Remove broccoli and celery from ice and damp off excess water, place in bowl with dressing, and add pickled ginger.
  4. Place contents of bowl into cryovac bag and seal. Allow to marinate for 5-10 minutes.

Open bag and place in bowl, stir in sliced grapes and toasted sesame seeds. Taste for seasoning and adjust with sea salt


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