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Fennel Cole Slaw


2each                                       Fennel Bulbs, shaved or sliced very thin

2 cups                                     Napa Cabbage. shaved or sliced very thin

1 medium                                Carrot, grated

2 cups                                      Chard greens, sliced thin

1 cup                                       Chard stems, peeled and sliced thin

¼ cup                                       Lemon Zest, micro-plane

¼ cup                                       Orange Zest, micro-plane

¼ cup                                       Ginger  Minced

¼ cup                                       Coriander, fresh ground

¼ cup                                       Honey

2 cups                                      Rice Vinegar

1 cup                                       Fresh Orange Juice

1 cup                                       Fresh Lemon Juice

tt                                              Salt

tt                                              Pepper


  1. Place the fennel, cabbage, chard and carrots in a bowl
  2. Mix the remaining ingredients together
  3. Pour some dressing over the fennel mixture and toss
  4. Adjust the amount of dressing
  5. Season
  6. Serve or refrigerate


Do not add the entire amount of dressing as it may not be needed. As the salad sits it will give off moisture. You may need to adjust the seasonings.


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