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1 ea                              Eggplant, large

2ea                               Zucchini

3T                                Olive oil

2ea                               Onions, medium, sliced thin

2ea                               Red Peppers, 1 inch dice/chop

3ea                               Tomatoes, ripe (peeling optional), 1 inch rough chop*

2 cloves                       Garlic mince

15 cloves                     Garlic, roasted, optional

¼ cup or tt                   Basil leaves

2 sprigs                                    Thyme

2T                                Parsley, chopped

Tt                                 Salt

Tt                                 Pepper

As needed                    Red wine vinegar


  1. Cut eggplant and zucc into 2 inch uniform chunks
  2. Lightly salt the eggplant and zucc and allow to drain in a colander for thirty minutes
  3. With a clean towel squeeze out the excess moisture after the thirty minutes
  4. While the eggplant and zucc are salting sweat the onions in the olive oil for 15 minutes then turn up the heat to lightly brown
  5. Remove onions from pan and reserve
  6. Add additional oil and sauté the eggplant until brown, reserve
  7. Repeat process with zucchini
  8. Sauté peppers for 10 minutes until edges brown
  9. Add a bit more oil to the pan and sauté minced garlic briefly add the tomatoes and crush lightly, cook for ten minute to concentrate
  10. Transfer to a small rondeau, combine eggplant, zucc, onions, peppers, roast garlic and thyme and season
  11. Cook on low heat partially covered until flavors combine, 30 minutes
  12. Fold in basil
  13. Adjust seasoning


  • If the tomatoes are not ripe use canned plum tomatoes. A small amount of tomato conserve or paste may also be added.

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