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Socca (Chic-pea crepes)


1 cup                           Chic-pea flour

1 ¼ cup                                    Water

1T                                Olive oil, virgin

1/2t                              Rosemary, minced

3T                                Parsley, minced

tt                                  Salt

tt                                  Black pepper, ground



  1. Place chic-pea flour in a mixing bowl and slowly drizzle in water to make a semi thin batter
  2. Mix in olive oil and herbs
  3. Season
  4. Ladle batter  (desired thickness varies) into a hot crepe pan or non stick pan tilting to form thin crepe
  5. Cook until golden and flip
  6. Season


Socca may be thin and crispy and eaten as a snack or filled with a variety of fillings including ratatouille. A variety of herbs and flavorings can be added to the batter including saffron, spinach and oregano.


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