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Basic Vinaigrette


8oz                                          Vegetable stock or tomato broth

1tsp                                          Corn starch

2 cloves                                   Roast garlic

4oz                                          Vinegar*

2 oz                                         Olive oil

Tt                                             Salt

Tt                                             Pepper



  1. Mix corn starch with 1 tsp cold water or stock to form a slurry, reserve
  2. Bring stock to a simmer
  3. Whisk in reserved slurry and allow to return to a simmer until it reacts and thickens
  4. Mixture should be thick enough to coat the back of a spoon
  5. Cool stock to room temperature
  6. Add remaining ingredients and whisk hard to break up the garlic
  7. Taste and adjust seasonings and consistency


A variety of vinegars can be used as most have the same acidity level. When in doubt add vinegar to taste. This can be a base vinaigrette with many variations. Consider adding herbs and other flavorings. There are approximately 45 calories per 2 ounce serving. This can be reduced by cutting back on the olive oil.


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