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Cured Citrus Salmon


1#                    Salmon fillet, boned removed, skin on

¾ cup               Kosher salt

½ cup               Sugar

¼ cup               Citrus zest (no white pith) lemons, limes and oranges

½ cup               Chopped dill or parsley

2T                    Cracked black pepper

2ea                   Bay Leaves




  1. Combine salt, sugar, bay leaves, zest, dill and peppercorns in the robot coupe and pulse
  2. Place a layer of the curing mix on the bottom of perforated hotel pan and place the fish skin side down. Top with remaining mix/cure
  3. Cover and place 1# of butter on top, refrigerate  12-24 hours depending on thickness of fillet
  4. Turn salmon after 12 hrs and redistribute curing mix on to salmon if it is not firm.
  5. Cover and place the 1# of butter on top. Refrigerate for 12 more hours
  6. Scrape curing mix off of both sides of salmon and wipe with a damp cloth, pat dry
  7. Slice very thin for service of further preparation


Depending on how much salmon you are curing you may not need all of the prepared mix


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