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Duck “Prosciutto”


1 ea                  Duck breast

½ cup               Kosher salt

¼ cup               Sugar

1T                    Thyme, dried



  1. Combine cure ingredients
  2. Place a sanitized side towel flat on a bench a place a ½ inch layer of cure in the center of the towel
  3. Place and individual duck breast on the cure and cover with another layer
  4. Wrap the towel around the breast making sure that the duck is totally encased with cure
  5. Press breast with 1# of butter (in refrigerator)
  6. Turn breast after 12 hours
  7. Cure for a total of 24-36 hours or until meat is firm
  8. Rinse cure and dry
  9. Slice ultra-thin by hand or using the slicer
  • Keep the prosciutto very cold for slicing



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