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Preserved Cherry Reduction Sauce for Duck


1 cup                           Shallots, sliced

1 cup                           Onions, small dice

2 oz.                            Butter, unsalted

2 cups                          Dried cherries (optional)

1 ½ cups                      Brandy

As needed                    Bouquet garni, loose

3 qts.                            Duck stock

as needed                     Duck glace*

TT                                Salt

TT                                Black pepper, ground

as needed                     Arrow root

as needed                     Preserved cherries**, quartered




1. Sweat Shallots and onions in butter

2. Add cherries, brandy, and bouquet garni and reduce au sec.

3. Add wine and reduce by ¾.

4. Add stock, reduce until flavors have developed.***

5. Season, adjust consistency with arrow root if not finishing with butter.

6. Strain and add preserved cherries.


*It may be necessary to fortify with duck glaze.

**When available, also brandy preserving liquid may be substituted for brandy.

***Yield will vary, a reduction sauce is finished when flavors have developed and the proper balance is achieved.



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