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1 gallon                       Milk

¼ tablet                       Rennet

¼ cup                          Bottled water

1 ½ – 2 t                       Citric acid

As needed                   Kosher salt



  1. Crush rennet and dissolve in a ¼ cup of bottled/pure water (non chlorinated)
  2. Place milk in a ss sauce pan or small marmite
  3. Add citric acid to the cold milk
  4. Place on a low flame and bring to 90 degrees
  5. Stir in rennet and mix to incorporate
  6. Remove from heat (watch for a good break or return to the heat)
  7. Allow milk to rest for 3-8 minutes to form a” curd” (the longer the set/rest the firmer the curd)
  8. Cut the curd into squares and remove with a slotted spoon to a cheese cloth or filter lined colander and allow to drain for 3 minutes tapping to remove excess whey (reserve all whey for ricotta)
  9. Heat water in a separate sauce pan and season to taste*
  10. Place a small hole colander on top of the pot allowing about two inches of water to fill the bottom of the colander
  11. Bring the water to 135 degrees and add the curd and work with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon to form a mass
  12. Continue working the cheese until it becomes elastic and hot to the touch (3 minutes)
  13. Remove and knead the cheese until it is soft and pliable
  14. Season lightly
  15. Shape and store in water (salted) or oil
  • The microwave method may be used in place of the water/colander


Microwave Method


  1. Place curd in a microwave safe bowl and zap for 1 minute
  2. Pour of whey and mix with a wooden spoon or rubber spatula (or hands when cool enough)
  3. Microwave again for 35 seconds
  4. Knead for 1 minute
  5. Microwave again for 35 seconds
  6. Knead until smooth and shiny 9add salt)

** Non fat dry milk can be used in place of whole milk if ultra pasteurized is all that is available. Make one gallon and allow to sit overnight. Combine 3 qts of nfdm and 1 qt of heavy cream.

*** The firmer the curd and the longer you knead it the “tougher” the cheese will be


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