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1qt                               Whole milk

2T                                Lemon juice (or ½ t of citric acid dissolved in ¾ cup of water)



  1. Heat milk to a simmer
  2. Add the lemon juice and continue to cook for 15 seconds
  3. Remove from heat and stir until large curds form (if whey is milky return to heat and add more coagulant)
  4. When curds have settled below the whey they are ready to drain
  5. Ladle the mixture into a cheesecloth lined colander that has a drip pan underneath to catch the whey
  6. Tie the cheesecloth and rinse “bag” under water for a few seconds to remove the coagulant
  7. Squeeze excess whey from bag
  8. Press cheese for two hours or overnight
  9. Unwrap cheese and store until needed (will keep for one week)


Yield: approx 8 ounces


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