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Feta 2 Ways

(ripening option)



½ gallon                      Milk, cow, sheep or goat

1/4t                              Feta culture

1T                                Bottled water

As needed                   Salt


  1. Heat milk in a heavy bottom pan to 90 degrees
  2. Combine culture and water
  3. Stir in culture and allow to sit at 80-85 degrees overnight/12 hours
  4. Slice curd into 1 inch squares and strain through a cheese cloth lined China cap
  5. Allow to strain in the fridge until curd is dry 3 hours or more, reserve whey
  6. With a spoon, gently work salt into the cheese mixture
  7. Remove cheese cloth with cheese from the strainer and  place wrapped cheese bundle in the cheese mold
  8. Place a second cheese mold on top and weight
  9. If the cheese is still a little moist place a sanitized side towel under the pressing cheese
  10. Press overnight or until firm
  11. Season reserved whey
  12. Unwrap cheese and place in whey
  13. Cover, label and date

(renneting option)


1 gallon           Milk, cow, sheep or goat

1/2t                  Rennet, liquid (or a ¼ of a rennet tablet)

¼ cup              Water, bottled or purified


  1. Heat milk to 86 degrees
  2. Combine rennet and water
  3. Add to milk and stir for two minutes
  4. Allow to sit at room temp for one hour
  5. Follow above procedure from step four

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