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2 cups                          Soy beans, organic

5 cups                          Water

1 ½ t                            Nigari

1 cup                           Bottled or purified water

1/4tsp                          Citric acid

Pinch                           Salt, optional



  1. Soak beans in 5 cups of water overnight
  2. Strain and rinse beans
  3. Process beans in small batches using the vita-mixer or other blender with enough water to produce a thin milkshake consistency (approximately 30 seconds per batch, no noticeable lumps should remain) Usually it takes a two to one water to bean ratio
  4. Strain mixture through a towel lined fine china cap
  5. Squeeze the excess milk out of the towel
  6. Save the okara (label this potentially hazardous food accordingly)
  7. Divide the milk evenly between two stainless steel sauce pots
  8. Slowly heat milk to 185 degrees
  9. Combine nigari and bottled water and mix until dissolved
  10. Divide the water mixture between 2 cups
  11. Turn the heat down and add ¾ of each cup of nigari/water mixture to the milk stirring gently
  12. Sprinkle a pinch of citric acid onto the top of each pan of milk
  13. Allow milk to rest on a very low flame for 3 minutes
  14. Drizzle the remaining coagulant into the pan and gently agitate the pan
  15. Mixture should  break/separate (drizzle a bit more citric acid if the mixture won’t break, stirring very gently
  16. Using a slotted spoon scoop out the coagulated soy protein and place in the cloth lined tofu press (1 press for each batch of milk) Discard the whey
  17. Gently press the tofu to eliminate excess whey
  18. Weight each press with a one pound box of salt and allow to cool
  19. Use within 1 day or cryo-vac the tofu cakes for future use

* Both the amount of coagulant and the weight of the press will determine the firmness of the tofu


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