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2 cups                          Soy beans

2 T                               Rice vinegar

3/4t                              Tempeh starter



  1. Soak soy beans overnight
  2. Pulse briefly in a food processor to “split”
  3. Simmer soy beans until just under done
  4. Stir occasionally and skim the skins//hulls
  5. Strain beans an cool slightly by running room temperature water over them
  6. Dry beans thoroughly using a dry clean/sanitized kitchen towel
  7. Add vinegar and mix well
  8. Sprinkle starter over beans and mix in very well
  9. Place beans in plastic zip lock bags that have been pierced with a skewer every ½ inch. Fill them but do not over fill, be sure to evenly distribute the beans.
  10. Place beans in a hotel pan and cover with foil.
  11. Punch holes in the foil every 1 inch or so
  12. Place tempeh in a controlled 86- 90 degree environment and allow to ferment for 24 -36 hours
  13.  White mycelia should cover the tempeh, but there may be gray or black areas
  14. Remove from the bag and cryo-vac before labeling and  placing in the refrigerator or freezer.

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