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Vietnamese Style Cured Melon


4oz                                         Watermelon steaks or thick slices (about 1 inch thick)

1/2 ea                                     Lime juiced

¼ teaspoon                           Minced Thai chili

½ teaspoon                           Fish sauce

¼ teaspoon                           Rice vinegar

2 Tablespoons                      Sugar



  1. Place melon into 1 or 2 cryo-vac bags
  2. Add marinade
  3. Cryo-vac,  20-25#s of pressure
  4. Place in fridge and allow to cure for 24/48 hours
  5. Slice and serve


Extreme caution and sanitation must be used with this potentially hazardous food. Other types of melon can be used for different textures. You may need to adjust the seasoning before serving, after the melon is cured. Increasing the strength of the marinade can result in the watermelon turning to mush. Other melons such as cantaloupe and honey dew can with stand a stronger cure/marinade.


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