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Fermented Pickles


2#                    Pickling cucumbers

2 cloves           Garlic, crushed

2T                    Sea Salt

1 bu                 Dill

4 cups              Water, filtered or bottled (not tap)

½ T                  Black Peppercorns

1tsp                 Red pepper flakes



  1. Wash and dry the cucumbers
  2. Trim each end 1/16 of an inch
  3. Add water to pickler*
  4. Add salt and mix well
  5. Arrange pickles in “jar”
  6. Add remaining ingredients
  7. Brine should come to within 1 inch of the top
  8. Place the spacer lid and close top to ensure that liquid flows into the spacer
  9. Adjust water level if necessary. It is important that the pickles are totally covered
  10. Secure lid
  11. Fill valve lock to the bottom “bulb” on each side and insert into the pickler
  12. Label and date
  13. Place in a cool environment away from sunlight
  14. After 4 days remove the valve lock and replace with cap
  15. Place pickles in the refrigerator to chill
  16. Pickles will continue to develop in flavor and become more sour for a period of time. Additional vinegar can be added to taste after initial fermentation

As a general rule pickles are done or ready for refrigeration when the “bubbling” in the valve lock has stopped. Pickles can ferment longer to develop flavor (up to 7 days)

It will take 1 ½-3 days for fermentation to begin


*Make sure the pickler is sanitized, but no residual sanitizer is left at the bottom


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