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Coffee Cake with Strawberry Preserves


3 cups                                      Flour

1 ½ tsp                                     Baking powder

1 ½ tsp                                     Baking soda

¾ tsp                                        Salt

9 oz.                                        Butter, soft

1 ½ cups                                  Sugar

4                                              Eggs

2 tsp                                         Vanilla extract

1 ¼ cup                                    Sour cream or crème fraiche

As needed                                Strawberry jam or other fruit jam

Topping –combine loosely

¾ cup                                       Brown Sugar

¾ cup                                       Nuts (mixed)

1 tsp                                         Spices




  1. Sift dry ingredients together.
  2. Cream butter and sugar, add egg, one at a time, then vanilla extract and sour cream.
  3. Add dry until smooth.
  4. Place half the batter in a coffee cake pan or bundt pan that has been  coated well with oil or butter
  5. Add the jam making sure that it is placed in the center with batter on the inside and outside
  6. Cover with topping
  7. Bake at 350 degrees for approx. 1 hour or until a pick comes out clean

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