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Do You Have a Back Up?

Good Afternoon Chef Fan’s! This post is just a quick little one to help spread the word about different ways that everyone can back up and save all of the important files we use everyday. I am posting this because recently I have seen a lot of people up at school loosing everything they had. The sad part is that they didn’t have a back up of any of the items so they are up a creek….

This brings me to talking about 3 different programs that you can use to help prevent this from happening to all of you. The can all be free but for two of them you have to sign up and pay monthly if you want anything more then just a little bit of storage. Starting it right off with the completely free one, Google Docs. Many people may already know about this one but it is still a great place to upload documents and files that you can share with a work group or circle on Google +.

A lot like Google Docs is DropBox. This “free” site give you 2gb of online storage that actually creates a space on your computer to save everything you might want. Once you are done saving the files the first time, anytime after this when you change or update a file it will save it automatically to the site and update anyone you may have shared the file or document with, and you don’t have to do a thing.

The last one is called CrashPlan, and this bad boy is arguably the best of all three. It lets you back up your files online and to other computers at the same time. This is very nice because that way you can create a backup your work computer on your home one, or even a friend or family members computer. They call this Multi- destination backup, and it  means that if something happens to one of your backup locations, you’ll be able to restore from another. Plus you have a choice of destinations from which to restore your files.

I hope this helps some of you out and that you honestly never have to use them, but if you do then you are saved the trouble and anguish that comes with loosing everything you value….


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