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Managing the Numbers

Some class are easy to talk about or make for easy blog post about. Others as some of you may have noticed are not as easy for me to talk about. This could be because I don’t really having anything to say or because the topic of the class when put into words I fear will bore all of you to sleep. Financial Management is a bit of both, I mean how does one talk about a class that all we do is talk about math calculations and percent all day?  I really like this class but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a hard class to write about. I could go into great detail about all the industry averages for each line item. or I could talk about how to create formulas for P&L statements or even talk about the Uninformed Systems of Accounts for Restaurants, but these are all accounting terms that unless you are an accountant or in this industry and dealing with these numbers and terms everyday they are going to sound like a foreign language.

This is important information for us to learn about as potential managers and it really is useful to get as much practice in as we can, but sometimes I am even board myself. The good news is that I get this and at least right now not having any problems keeping up with the terminology. Then again I have always had a thing for numbers and it comes easy to me. I understand that I am lucky and that not everyone is the same as me, so I offer to tutor and help teach other students in class.

I really want to talk more about this class but I honestly don’t know what I can say. I sure that later I will think of something to post, and maybe even put up a glossary of terms to help everyone see what I am talking about. Who knows, but for the time being I wanted to let everyone know that no I wasn’t forgetting to talk about a class, it is just hard to talk about without boring all of you. Until I think of more to talk about that is all for now Chef Fan’s



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