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The Midterms End

It is the end of midterms week and we start that last 6 week stretch. This week also starts the beginning of Extending the Seasons class which I think is going to be a lot of fun. It is also time for me to catch up a little bit with post so we might have a few a different post today. For example I want to take this time to talk about Financial Management class and give you an idea of what we had. First I want to give you this Glossary and Formula Sheet so that you can reference back and see some of the terms and excel formulas we use in class.

The assignment itself was simple use the information contained in this Case Study, to fill in this blank P&L Statement. Than after we filled this out we had to take the test that would see if we got the “correct” answers to the midterm. A.K.A. Use everything we have learned in class to give an opinion on if we should recommend or not buying this restaurant. Like I said simple.


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