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Chocolate Cake Never Tasted So Heavenly

Hello Chef Fan’s and welcome to my last project for Beer & Spirits class!!! I am now in the last few days of classes up here at NECI so over the next few days you will be seeing a lot of new post with classes finishing up. This project was to make an ad flyer for any liqueur we wanted to so because my birthday is coming up I decided to have a little bit of fun. You can see the original HERE

What could be more sinful than Chocolate Cake? Want to feel like you have the Lord sinning right alongside you? Then remember to bring along Frangelico the liqueur that looks like a Friar!

If you are going to sin might as well have your cake and drink it too…

 Chocolate Cake Shot:

1 part Vodka

1 part Friar Frangelico

Sugar around the rim and enjoy the SIN


Don’t worry our buddy the Friar is there to absolve you of your sins!

Frangelico is a registered trademark of the Frangelico Company. Frangelico is not actually holy and can not absolve you of your sins.  Frangelico’s alcohol strength is 20% and should be drunk responsibly. Frangelico is made from: Hazelnuts, Cocoa, Vanilla, Alcohol, Sugar, and various other herbs and natural extracts. All ingredients are natural; there are no artificial additives. Frangelico is yeast and gluten free. Frangelico uses Tonda Gentile Hazelnuts. The hazelnuts are infused into a distillate so there are generally no problems for people with nut allergies, however, caution should be exercised.

Nutritional value of Frangelico:

Serving size:          1fl oz

Calories:                63.2

Total Fat                 0g

Cholesterol           0mg

Total Carbohydrate              11.7g

Dietary fibre         0g

Protein   0g

Calcium 0%

Caffeine                 1.5 mg/l


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