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Hello again Chef Fan’s! This production journal is a list of links to everything that I made while in Extending the Seasons. I have included not only my thoughts but also ideas of different way to use each item that I made. Enjoy!

Cured Meat or Fish

Item(s) you prepared: Duck Prosciutto

Observations: It was very interesting to see the color of the duck, which was not the red color I was expecting but a dark purple in color. This did not impact the taste however as it was nice and salty like any normal prosciutto but also had a gamey characteristic that reminded me of the duck. I tried it without the skin and with the skin and they tasted very similar but with the skin adding a fatty component that I missed when I tried it without the skin.

Cheese and Soy Products

Item(s) you prepared: Mozzarella

Observations: I don’t know what happened with the mozzarella shaping phase but I couldn’t get it to become elastic like the recipe called for, and I don’t know if this is because I didn’t use a rennet tablet like the recipe called for and didn’t did get the conversion correct. Another possibility is that I didn’t let the curd rest long enough so that it set up firmer before I started adding it to the warm water and working it. I lost almost 3/4th of the yield because it dissolved or crumbled when it hit the water. I was able to save 1 5-6oz ball and get it shaped so that it would hold together. Even though it may not have looked like a traditional mozzarella it tasted very good and was not grainy like it looked like at first. I store this wrapped in cheesecloth then covered with olive oil.

Fermented Beverage

Item(s) you prepared: (I did not make any Fermented Beverages in class but we did try a hard cider)

Observations: It was interesting to try the hard cider again because it was actually the second time that we had tried the cider. The first time was at the end of Mod 5 in our last day of class, and it was very bitter tasting and some joked that it tasted a lot like formaldehyde. When we tried it again most of that taste had vanished but a little bit of it still lingered. It now tasted like HARD cider with a stress on the hard part. However it was very drinkable this time around and it was interesting to see how only a few more months of bottle aging changed this characteristic.

Jam or Jelly Product

Item(s) you prepared: Orange Chili Marmalade

Observations: I was very impressed with this recipe and the final project it created. You can smell and taste the Chili that is used to make the marmalade but it is not overpoweringly spicy, and in fact has a very nice balance. While it didn’t set up as firm as I would like it to I know this is because I didn’t cook it long enough but it would still spread very well. I can see this going very well with breakfast or could even be used as a glaze on meats, Duck L`orange anyone? Surprisingly this marmalade is not overly sweet and has a nice balance of bitterns and sour in it as well. I am very proud of this experiment and think it is a keeper.

Vinegar Based Pickle or Condiment

Item(s) you prepared: Bruschetta in a Jar

Observations: I was very happy with the way that this one turned out. The first thing that I noticed was that it smelled just like pasta or pizza sauce that you would make at home. It tasted like most common Bruschettas that I have had in the past, and while it may not have been anything special it was a good way to preserve it for use later in the year. I think it would have been better if I had used some ripe tomatoes in place of the generic ones that I was able to use for this project. I don’t see why I couldn’t blend it together and create a pizza or even a “loose” pasta sauce with this as is. This is assuming that you don’t layer it on a thick piece of toasted bread but are instead looking for some other way that you use it.

Dehydrated Product

Item(s) you prepared: Beef Tongue Jerky

Observations: Sadly due to me trusting a class mate who had his own project in the dehydrator I did not check the Jerky after a day and a half like I should have. The class mate who said he would take care of both projects didn’t actually do this so both projects got left in the dehydrator all week long. This left the tongue hard as a rock and texturally inedible. It still smelled great and if you tried to suck on it first to rehydrate it before eating it tasted great and for this I was very happy. The texture however made it so that after the taste was extracted you where left with something akin to leather. Not wanting to be wasteful I took the jerky home and my dog loves it, so even though it might be a “failure” for human consumption I made some very taste dog treats.


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