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It All Comes Down to Math

When all is said and done no matter what yo are doing with financial information at any point in time it all comes down to knowing and understanding the math behind the numbers. This is true no matter what you are doing in your life, if you can read and understand the math behind you bank account then you can keep it in balance and know when you are going to run out of money. This beings me to my Financial Management class, and its end. I just got done taking the final for the class and it was nothing more than using basic math to complete a profit and loss statement and then using this information to answer questions about how this restaurant was doing. I don’t want to say that this class was easy because for people who don’t like or have trouble with math it could be difficult, but for me it was a very easy class. Now that all is said and done I have to say that I did like this class and have a few resources that I can use later in life if I ever need to create or produce my own P&L statement.

I am closing in on the last day of classes here at NECI Chef Fan’s, so please stay tuned!


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