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Kitchen Management Final

Morning Chef Fan’s! For anyone who has been reading this over the last 3 months you may have seen that I have been doing a lot of article reviews and summaries and labeling them as Kitchen Management. The reason for this is that this was half of the homework and projects that I had for this class. The other part of the class was to work with members of NECI management on a group project that could be implement to help out or improve part of the school. along with this each week we had to create a shadowing log of what we talked about with our management team. over the course of 11 weeks I worked with the Food and Beverage Director of NECI to come up with an idea to change NECI on Main (aka the schools restaurant.) After all of this was said and done I was to compile everything that I had done for this project into a final presentation that I would give to one of the boards at NECI. If you click on the link you can see what I ended up presenting to the board as a Theoretical Proposal. This was not meant to be a complete business plan just an idea that I was presenting. Along with this project I was to compile the complete list of all shadowing journals into a final portfolio. At the very bottom of my portfolio you will also find my self evaluation of the class as a whole. Enjoy the fruits of my labor!


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