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Hello again Chef Fan’s! I know that it has been a few weeks since my last update but that is what happens when I move across country and have to get everything set up. I didn’t make this journey alone and in fact it is time that introduced my companions…. I am pleased to introduce my girlfriend and fluffy pet, Tori and Malcolm, I’ll let you figure out who is who…

As we moved out of Vermont Tori was taking all of the pictures and Malcolm was being a dog, sleeping and jumping back and forth between his seat in the back and Tori’s lap. We made the trip in stages and our first stop was to spend time down with her parents in NH. It was a great times overall and we made a day trip up to York Beach, Main… 

This is where Tori and her family spent many a summer when she was younger and I can see why. The water may have been a bit too cold and Malcolm didn’t really like the ocean but he still went down to the edge and sniffed out what he could…

After spending a week in NH we continued on the old road back to KS, where we spent time with my friends and family and both of my companions got to see more of where I lived for all of my life before school. Malcolm as it turns out was allergic to something in KS just like I am. We grilled and smoked meat on the 4th of July with my friends and generally had a great time in KS but it was time to move on, as Amangiri was fast approaching. Tori got her first taste of the “joy” of driving across western KS… I want to point out that this picture proves that it is not completely flat like everyone claims, and the next picture goes to show you all that it isn’t completely empty…. We have wind farms!

OK so there really isn’t much to look at when it comes to driving across most of KS but eastern CO isn’t much better… When we got to the mountains however Tori was all happy again. When we woke up to make the last leg of our trip we got the treat of watching people taking off in hot air balloons!

We also stopped and did the tourist thing of seeing Four Corners…

From here we started to enter the deserts of AZ and started to see the funny little characteristics that make it a pretty cool place to  drive around.

There are random rock outcroppings that just pop up out of nowhere it seems…

The views however make the whole trip worth it and I for one could get use to being able to look almost any direction and see “forever.” For example this is the view of Lake Powell as we drive from Page AZ to Greenehaven where our apartment is….

We arrived safe and sound with Malcolm more than done with being cooped up in a car all day and started the hectic process of unpacking the car and getting everything moved into our new apartment. I am not going to show you pictures of what a mess that was but here are pictures of our new place and I have to say that it is a very nice little set up we have going here.

It is a studio apartment but I finally got my futuristic space bead that folds out of the wall! It not only folds out of the wall but also has his and her’s dressers, closet and selves. This is on the right as you walk into our apartment and on the left is sitting area… Here I am hard at work on this post, and if you look closely you can see one of Malcolm’s favorite places to nap… Yep you guessed it that little hole right between the couch and that chair to my left in the picture. Also to my left is the pantry closet and our kitchen…The only thing left to show off for the time being is the bathroom but I have been told that I shouldn’t show pictures of this because frankly nobody cares about seeing a picture of it. If you really care about knowing where it is you are a strange cooking but it is located to the left of the futuristic space bed, and in the room behind it we have a washer and dryer. It is a small apartment but we all like it and Malcolm is more than happy to curl up and take naps where ever he sees fit… I am a few hours away from my first day at Amangiri so I will have to wrap this up for now Chef Fan’s but stay tuned because I have online class work to post in the upcoming days and stories from Amangiri to share, until then it is good to be back and I will talk to you all again soon!


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One Comment on “Travelling….”

  1. Tori July 13, 2012 at 1:49 pm #

    What a fun trip it was! Malcolm isn’t the only one who is happy to not be in the car all day, though. And now begins a new adventure! 🙂

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