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Let’s Post Some Pictures….


Hello again Chef Fan’s! I know that it has been a while since I have reached out and touched you all, and for that I am sorry. To say that I have been busy would be lightly speaking. I haven’t even really had time to call home what with school and work. I hope that this update will make up for my lack of communication over the last few weeks. Lets get into the meat of it all shall we?

Lets talk a little bit more about what I have been up to while working at Amangiri. First off lets start out with one fo the sunrises I have seen…

Next lefts show you all where I work almost every night, well the picture is from lunch time but it has better lighting….

Starting on the left you can see one of our pastry chef’s hard at work in their window. The next area is a four eye french range top where the hot pass and middle station work. Finally we come t the woody, and the “chef’s table” at the end of the counter. Lets take a look down the line at what it looks like a night…
It is a little bit dark but as you can see we are actually down one set from the actual dining area, although this picture might show it better…

Everything we need for all service is kept in the 6 drawers you see. This is for each side of the line. at the far end what you can’t actually see is an Auto-Sham that holds food at a set temperature all service. The line really has four stations but GM and hot apps is served out of the back….

At the far end of the picture is where GM normally sets up, but this picture was taken before service so we still have prep going on. this back kitchen is a bit small for the number of people we have working some nights because if you double what you see on the other side like this…

…It is rather surprising the amount of food we can prep and put out from this small space. Lets change gears and  take a look at some of the items we have made for nightly specials or tasting menus. As I normally work what ever station needs to be worked that night, ok with the exception of the woody, I have made all or parts of these dishes.

This salad was a dish that we put out from GM one night to a guest who was not satisfied with the salads we normally make. What we did was make a Lemon-aid Jelly  and then a raspberry vinaigrette mixed green salad on top. This was garnished with a goat cheese brûlée…


Also from the back but on the hot apps side is out fresh pasta of the day. We are really luck to have one of our lunch line cooks who is crazy about making pasta. It is his quest to make prefect pastas fresh each day. Each night we use one of his pastas to make our fresh pasta of the day, and one day we made this…

This is a butternut squash tortellini served in a maple cream sauce garnished with candied walnuts. This pasta was a perfect balance of sweet and savory and really worked together very well. Along with this we normally also have a app special that comes from either from hot apps or from the hot pass and one night we did an escolar tart tar…

This was served on Japanese Basile leaves and a plantain chip. We do a lot of different tartar’s actually. One time for a tasting menu we actually used the tail ends of beef tender-lions  to make a beef tart-tar. But with the way we plated it we made it look like a bowl of fresh chile…











One of the other really cool things that we get to do every now and a again is to go cook “off site” at a site called the “Raven’s Nest” and in order to get up to it you have to climb up a rock slope…Once you are up top it opens up int a little bit of a bowl that is set up with a camp fire and dining area for a small party of guest.

On the other side of this is where one chef and once server cook and server the guest who are dining out in the wild that night…

Everything is prepped back at the kitchen and then packed into coolers and hoofed out to the Ravens Nest. We then cook everything for however many guest are in the party on these two grills…

One of the best parts about getting out into the wild and cooking for guest at the Ravens Nest is getting to look out over the canyon at Amangiri…

Then again did I mention the sunsets that also shine through the windows of the dinning room each night or that you get to watch if you are cooking out in the Ravens Nest…

This is just some of the things that I have been up to over the last 2 months since I started out here at Amangiri, and I am having a blast. I know that many of my Chef Fan’s wish I reached out and talked to them more personally and I am sorry that I haven’t. I will try to make this happen more often Chef Fan’s but for now I hope that these few pictures have helped give you all a better idea of what I am doing. I will try to post more pictures of what has been going on and more pictures of the resort itself when I have time to take pictures. Until Next time Chef Fan’s stay hungry!




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3 Comments on “Let’s Post Some Pictures….”

  1. Grandma September 10, 2012 at 5:08 pm #

    I love seeing pictures of where you are and what you are doing. Scenery looks wonderful. Going to make an Arizonian out of you. I love that state, and it looks like it’s living up to what I remember Beautiful kitchen, covet, covet. Wish I had one like it, even the size would be okay. Glad you are having a blast and happy. Much love Grandma, give Tori a hug for me too.

  2. leaf52 September 11, 2012 at 4:54 pm #

    The salad and pasta both look yummy to me and the views are fabulous! Wish I had a work location like Raven’s Nest!

  3. Tori September 13, 2012 at 1:46 pm #

    Love the pictures. I’ve seen most of them, but the views are still breathtaking. The Raven’s Nest is nicer during the daylight hours! I only got to see it at night.

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