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A Day at Amangiri


Hello again Chef Fan’s! Today I have a treat for you! No new pictures but a more in-depth description of what I do everyday at work. I have already talked about the stations but this is going to be a more complete description of  what each station does and how the day as a whole goes. Enjoy

My day starts with me arriving at the service building. This is where the employees park and where our lockers are. This is where we pick up our uniforms and wait for the shuttle; you will also find shipping and receiving, laundry, and other offices like accounting. From here everyone will pile into the shuttle which leaves from the service building ever :15& :45 of the hour to ride up to the resort. We are dropped off at the loading dock and then clock in. On the left of the main doors is the employee bathrooms and a supply closet. Next we walk down the long hallway or the highway for all the employees that work under the belly of the Amangiri beast. Different rooms are one each side as well as the housekeeping office and GM/HR office.  At the very end of the hallway we have the kitchen walk-in’s. First protein and the freezer and then produce. At the end of the hallway is the tumbleweed (the employee dinning/break room), the ice maker and supply shelves. This is also the elevator we use to bring carts of mise en place up from the walk-in’s in the back right is also where dry storage and the liquor cage are. The Back kitchen/prep kitchen are upstairs. This is where I really work. Everyone finds a spot to work and tries not to bump into anyone else because the kitchen is small. This is why we are such a close group of people. Once everyone gets set up we check with the Chef to see where we will be working that night. Most of the time I float around and fill in where I need to so depending on the day i could be working any of the 4 stations. I almost never work grill because we always have the same 2 people working it. While we are finding out where we will be working we are also learning what our special is going to be that night. We go over what we need to prep and then get down to work. Because there are 4 stations I could be doing 4 different things: If I work GM I will be on the back line all night but I will be making salads soup of the day, appetizer special, and our fresh pasta special. Then there is grill, where we make fresh mashed potatoes and lemon sage polenta each day. If I am working in the middle then I will be making all of the sides for every dish on the menu, along with the sauces this includes that nights fish and meat special. Hot-Pass is where most of the fish and seafood get made, but if I am working this station I will also be making our menus standard hot appetizers. Lastly we come to pastry, and while I don’t normally work here If you did you would be responsible for making the fresh bread that we serve at dinner along with the normal dessert prep and come up with a desert special. Normally the night crew arrives at 2 or 3pm and we have to be set up and ready to go by 5:45 when we send out tasting of that nights special to the Front of House staff. This is when we tend to take our mandated 30 min break. Depending on the night and when guest decided to make their reservations service can start anywhere from as early as 5pm to as late as 7:30pm. One of the nice things is that we know before service starts how many people we are going to serve that night so its like a big game of count down. The problem is that because we have reservations we can have some guest sitting down at 10:30 at night. Whenever the last table is served however we breakdown the line and bring everything to the back kitchen to be wrapped and carted downstairs. We also have to take out the trash, sweep, mop, and clean the kitchen. We then generally call the front desk and ask them to call for a shuttle for us and we take the long ride back to the service building to get changed before we go home.

There are also times when we might get called upon to cater a Raven’s Nest for 2-who knows how many. You might also get to go cook appetizers for a private opera or lunch and dinner on a chartered houseboat. You might also be asked to cook for a wedding party before they get on a helicopter ride… The list really goes on and on when it comes to events but these are some of the more recent ones that we have had going on. Regardless of what is going on everything will be done in our small little kitchen working shoulders and elbows to your co-workers. We have become a really close group and we work very well together. It is a lot of fun even when you are in the middle of service and the whole dinning room gets fired at once, but hey that is just a day in the life at Amangiri….



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2 Comments on “A Day at Amangiri”

  1. Tori September 27, 2012 at 12:47 pm #

    A good, short, description of what you do at work. You guys are lucky in a way. It really is a count down for you. I do like knowing the number of guests each night, but it doesn’t get me out of there any faster if someone sits down and decides to hang out ordering drinks and talking until midnight….

    We have been doing a lot of catered functions recently. This week is supposed to be a “normal” week before all the groups and I believe a buy out of the resort in October. Get ready for a busy month!

  2. Grandma October 1, 2012 at 5:02 pm #

    What a busy life, but sounds like you are loving it. Stay happy.

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