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Some Time Has Passed….

Welcome Back Chef Fans!! I am sorry that I haven’t been posting at all in the last few months but not much has changed. Work is starting to slow down a little bit, well until Christmas and New Years weeks that is, but the problem is that this capstone class has become a second job that I am paying for. Sadly I am not enjoying or learning anything new as this class has turned into a complete review of other classes. Even some of the assignments are the same as other classes just with longer page requirements. This is why I haven’t been posting the assignments on here like I did with other classes in the past as I just don’t see the point in posting repeat work. In a few weeks when I finish the class I will post the complete project so that you all can see what I have been working on for the last 12 weeks. Overall I am highly disappointed with this class and feel that it was a waste of my tuition money, and time. I do not say this lightly as I know the implications that it has, but this is how I feel.

Lets move on to some life updates!!! With work slowing down for the next week or two I was able to get some time off and go visit Tori’s family! truth be told I am able to write this post because I have this time off so YAY vacations!!! Another change that is about to happen is that Amangiri will be closing down from the 10th-13th this year for deep cleaning and any repairs that might need to be made. The kitchen is going to be getting some renovations in this time as well and we will be rolling out a new menu after the closure. I am really excited for the new menu as it should be quite a bit different then the current menu.

That is about all that is really going on right now, I know that it isn’t as exciting as you all would have liked but hey not everyday of my life is worth a blog post. Once this class is over I will be starting my last class at NECI before I graduate and we shall see what the future holds. Until then Stay Hungry Chef Fan’s!


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One Comment on “Some Time Has Passed….”

  1. Tori December 10, 2012 at 10:48 am #

    Yay vacations indeed! It was a well deserved week off. 🙂 Hopefully the renovations and cleaning projects all get done so we aren’t scrambling to get things done once we open up again.

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