Academic Classes (taken all of Mod 1)

Information Technology

Course Description and Rationale:

We live in a world where technology plays a role in almost every aspect of our professional lives.Employers expect that their employees are proficient in a variety of technologies. In order for us to enter a profession successfully, we must be prepared for the technological expectations of employers. The focus of this course is on software applications. The purpose of the course is to prepare students through exposure to a variety of software applications and the skill sets associated with these applications. In doing so, we will engage in building necessary skill sets and also connect these skill sets to areas that are relevant to your studies while at NECI. To reinforce the skill sets developed during the course and the ability to apply these skills sets to other contexts, students will complete various projects.

For my projects or post about things I have done please look under my “Information Technology” category.

Culinary Math

Course Description and Rationale:

Mod 1 Culinary Math introduces students to many of the culinary math concepts and principles, which they will use and practice further in their Mods 2 – 4 courses. By means of direct instruction, discussion, and practice, students will have an introductory understanding and ability to work with the following:

  • Decimals, percents, and fractions and how to convert among these units.
  • Standard culinary measurements and conversions between volume units and weight units.
  • The recipe conversion formula and Baker’s Percentages
  • Book of Yields
  • Plate cost and menu pricing
  • Butchers Yield card
  • Product yield and cost concepts, including:
    • Weight Yield Percent
    • As Purchased Weight (AP#)
    • Edible Portion Weight (EP#)
    • As Purchased Price (AP$)
    • Edible Portion Price (EP$)
    • Portion Price
  • Recipe Costing
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