Cooking Theory (July 07- August 08, 2010)

Course Description and Rationale:
Cooking Theory and Food Science is designed to help students understand the relationship between practical cooking applications and theoretical information, especially as they are related to understanding and following recipes. Areas considered include the nature of food components and how they can be changed and controlled in typical cooking situations and the vocabulary of cooking.
Understanding the ingredients, procedures and underlying principles are essential to the success of culinary students. A chef is responsible for training and supervising a safe, skilled and efficient staff. To do this requires an ability to understand the “why” behind what we do in the kitchen. Understanding the nature of food and how it reacts when cooked enables a chef to interpret, adapt and create recipes with confidence. This class will serve as the first of many where the student can acquire such skills.

For my own thoughts about this class please feel free to look at my post under the “cooking theory” category

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