Product Identification (September 20- September 26, 2010)

Course Description and Rationale:
This classroom assigned course is designed to give students an overview of how food is purchased, received, stored, and distributed in a commercial food service operation. The purchasing department is the hub for any medium to large size operation. This course will familiarize the student with typical products and ingredients found in all culinary operations.
Students will be introduced to the management systems used to control the flow of food. During this lab, students will focus on product identification, availability, seasonality, sustainability, price, quality, and sanitation.
A successful chef must have an understanding of the external market and how factors affect menu production and selection. In order to understand the concept of seasonality, they must be able to identify and evaluate a wide range of products. An understanding of how food flows through an operation—from purchasing to receiving, storing and finally utilizing—is an essential element in the formation of a chef.

Feel free to look at my “product Identification” category for a look at some projects I did for this class, as well as post about the class it’s self.

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