Table service and Intro to Wines (August 30- September 19, 2010)

Course Description and Rationale:
This course explores the fundamentals of a la carte restaurant guest service. During this course, students will learn basic service techniques, order of service, and standards for service in the dining room of a busy, dynamic restaurant. In addition to the skills students receive in the dining room, they will also be introduced to the basics of wine and other alcoholic beverages and hosting.
If students of the culinary arts are to understand the industry completely, they must understand the guest from a number of perspectives. Training as a server will help students to more fully understand the challenges of guest satisfaction as they affect the employees of both the kitchen and dining room. Lessons learned in this course will be important to students as they prepare for a career in the food service industry.

for my own thoughts and a power point presentation on Merlot wine please check the “Table service and Intro to Wines” category.

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