Intro to A La Carte Cooking: Lunch (November 15 -December 5, 2010)

Course Description and Rationale:
This course is the first of three courses in the AOS program that instructs students in the skills needed to operate in an a la carte kitchen that features a static, seasonal menu suitable for popular priced restaurants. Recipes and techniques are standardized to ensure consistent learning opportunities and customer satisfaction. This course builds upon the foundational skills taught in Mod 1.
A la Carte cooking may be the most challenging segment of the food service industry. Skills introduced in this class, and integral to every a la carte situation, include adaptability, ability to anticipate future needs, timing and sequencing, speed and accuracy of efforts, and responding with a suitable sense of urgency in unpredictable settings. The main lessons of this class all involve organization, efficiency, speed, and communication. Successful students demonstrate advanced preparation, proper attitude, personal responsibility, and teamwork. These skills can be translated into any aspect of the industry. At the end of this course students will be better prepared to face the demands of their first internship and their return to second year residency.

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