Academic Class: Physiology & Perception (August 15- September 4, 2011)

Course Description and Rationale
In this course the students will find entrée to basic science by examining aspects of cuisine from a scientific perspective. Some elements of genetics, physiology, learning, and brain organization will be examined from the perspective of sensory experience of eating.

The properties of food flavors are at the core of the culinary arts, and all aspects of flavor are perceived through the senses. Sensory perception varies among individuals due to genetic and cultural differences, and so the physiology is an ideal practical way to introduce non-science majors to human biology. Sight and sound contribute to flavor as well as the overall feeling of a restaurant experience. Therefore, hearing and vision will be examined on a physiological level to enhance the student’s understanding of perception and sensation in their restaurants.

Sensory perception is how we experience the world. It is also how we gather information (through reading and listening) and how we experience art (including culinary masterpieces). In the course of this class, we will explore physiological details of the sense, genetic differences in individuals, and learning as ways that make people’s experiences of common events different.

OK Chef fans by this point in time I think you all know/ could guess that I created a category for any post that I make about this class, or topics related to this class. So have fun and just look over to the left and find the class or category name to read all I have said or thought on that topic. Enjoy!


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