Catering & Banquets PM (July 25-August 14, 2011)

Course Description and Rationale
Students will learn about banquet preparation and event-coordinated cooking by preparing meals for guests of NECI. Successful catering and banquet preparation requires the combination of many important skill sets. In addition to basic business management skills, successful banquet chefs must have knowledge of menu development, current health and sanitation  requirements, the need for precise timing, planning and sequencing, appropriate selection of equipment, and an understanding of the traditions and customs of entertaining. This class will also teach students the importance of flexibility, creative problem solving and refined customer service skills. Instruction includes methods of preparation for banquet cooking, guest-centered management, event coordination, buffet layouts, decorative display, and logistical planning for on-off premise events.

OK Chef fans by this point in time I think you all know/ could guess that I created a category for any post that I make about this class, or topics related to this class. So have fun and just look over to the left and find the class or category name to read all I have said or thought on that topic. Enjoy!


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