Flavors of Mediterranean Cuisine (July 5- July 24, 2011)

Course Description and Rationale
In this production course, students will apply the knowledge learned in History and Culture to examine the ingredients, tools and cooking methods of selected regional cuisines in and around the Mediterranean. The lab will expose students to related concepts of Mediterranean cuisines including “ small plates” (tapas, merende, apertivo, mezze).
Furthermore, by defining the characteristics of cuisines, students develop a template on which to research future cuisines. By analyzing the cooking techniques, eating habits, flavors, and origins of ingredients students gain a deeper understanding of the connection between cuisine and culture. This course features discussions, presentations and demonstrations

OK Chef fans by this point in time I think you all know/ could guess that I created a category for any post that I make about this class, or topics related to this class. So have fun and just look over to the left and find the class or category name to read all I have said or thought on that topic. Enjoy!


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