Taste & Flavor w/ Wine (August 15- September 4, 2011)

Course Description and Rationale
What is good flavor? How does one create good flavor in food? In this class, we will approach this subject from three different perspectives: (1) How cooking techniques affect the finished flavor of foods; (2) How to develop and maintain good flavor; and (3) Comparing the flavor of wines as paired with different foods.
The class will last three weeks and is comprised of lectures and lab assignments.
It is essential that you participate in class, through discussion, or with ideas or questions you may have related to flavor or taste. If you arrive with ideas of what you are particularly interested in, it will make that time more valuable to you.

Taste and Flavor Wines is both a review and continuation of the study of enology and food and wine interactions begun in the first residency in Table Service and Introduction to Wine. The class is designed to expand the students’ knowledge of traditional and modern viticultural and vinicultural procedures through lectures and discussions. In addition, students will work to develop their confidence in selecting appropriate beverages with foods based on simple taste, aroma and texture comparisons and contrasts through tastings.
Many of the world’s major wine producing regions will be outlined and discussed through this course. Much of the tasting experience in this class should enable the student to think more clearly about possible taste interactions in work done on their plate projects with the Taste and Flavor Chef Instructor. It is essential that students in the culinary arts know how and why different approaches in the vineyard and winery create different flavors in wine and how beverages and foods might interact with each other favorably or negatively.

OK Chef fans by this point in time I think you all know/ could guess that I created a category for any post that I make about this class, or topics related to this class. So have fun and just look over to the left and find the class or category name to read all I have said or thought on that topic. Enjoy!


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