The Art of Cuisine (September 5-September 25, 2011)

Course Description and Rationale
The impact of visual presentation of food cannot be overlooked within a contemporary kitchen. The full experience of eating should be a culmination of culinary and environmental stimuli that appeals to all of the human senses: sight, smell, sound, taste, and texture. The Art of Cuisine course brings focus on the process of allowing chefs to express themselves through the way the foods are planned, produced & presented with considerations of color, texture, height, plate design and layout.
Throughout the course assignments will also reintroduce and highlight the importance of the character of ingredients, principles of professional cookery and the disciplines associated with fine dining cuisine.
This course is designed to expose students to the theory, application and critical thinking skills needed to effectively present food within the public realm using a variety of mediums.

OK Chef fans by this point in time I think you all know/ could guess that I created a category for any post that I make about this class, or topics related to this class. So have fun and just look over to the left and find the class or category name to read all I have said or thought on that topic. Enjoy!


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