Chemistry & the Scientific Method (January 3 – February 12, 2012)

Course Description and Rationale

This lab-based course is designed to encourage students to use the scientific principle by investigating the how and why of chemical processes that occur during food preparation using scientific inquiry and basic research methods. Students will practice the scientific method by setting up experiments with changing variables, measuring results as these variables change, and interpreting the observations made. Students will explore solutions, concentrations, crystallization, protein denaturization, and other chemical reactions. This course will complement the work students will be doing in Food Science II: Research and Development. As they gain a better understanding of the science involved, they can implement controls to maintain the quality of the food products they produce.

I may have tricked you this time Chef Fan’s because this time I have a new layout and the categories are on the right now!! Just as before if you want to know more about this class and what I did or my thoughts about it then find it’s name and click on it. Ready and Go


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