History & Culture Seminar (Taken all of Mod 5)

Course Description and Rationale

This course introduces and guides the student toward an understanding of the some of the major food cultures and regions of the world. Students will explore the foundations of these cultures through a study of history, societal norms, and major religious and political movements, as well as influencing factors such as climate and geography.

From my perspective, food provides an extraordinary lens through which we may perceive and understand the evolution of human history and culture. In my opinion, an appreciation of history and culture, contributes to a more sensitive expression of regional foods. Today’s students will help shape tomorrow’s global marketplace and have a direct impact on agriculture, culture, the environment, political, and social change. All these emerge from a deeper recognition of global and regional foodways.

I may have tricked you this time Chef Fan’s because this time I have a new layout and the categories are on the right now!! Just as before if you want to know more about this class and what I did or my thoughts about it then find it’s name and click on it. Ready and Go


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