Product Development/ Entrepreneurship (Taken all of Mod 5)

Course Description and Rationale

The great American Dream is to own your own business.  Never have the opportunities to enter creative new markets been more exciting than right now.  Approached incorrectly, however, the odds of failure are far greater than the chance of success.  The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the entrepreneurial environment that exists in the current service experience economy, the challenges that surround the process of a business start-up, and the process to follow in an effort to minimize un-necessary risk and optimize the opportunities to succeed.  Using Guy Kawaski’s approach of: Causation, Articulation, Activation, Proliferation and Obligation, the student will apply these steps to the design of a food business concept from ideation to business concept.

The case study method, first integrated at the Harvard Business School, will allow students to critique other unique business concepts and apply, through comparison, what is learned from assessment in the design of a dynamic new business concept.

Significant reading is the core to this class.  Students will study the Hardwick Model as well as numerous directly and indirectly related case studies of contemporary businesses in preparation for healthy discussion in class.

I may have tricked you this time Chef Fan’s because this time I have a new layout and the categories are on the right now!! Just as before if you want to know more about this class and what I did or my thoughts about it then find it’s name and click on it. Ready and Go


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