Service Learning (taken all of Mod 5)

Course Description and Rationale

This course is designed to encourage students to think critically about the hospitality industry, the world in which they live, to explore social issues, to get involved in the broader community, to understand the win-wins and necessity of being involved in the local community, and to experience new ways in which they can have a positive impact during their professional lives. A key part of the class will be the service learning practicum that students execute with the help of our community partners. Students will plan, deliver, and reflect on their projects assessing the learning and success of their efforts. Social themes explored in the course include social, political and economic influences impacting notions of citizenship and democracy. This class will also focus on
ethical dilemmas and ethical decision making. Students will apply these concepts by reviewing codes of conduct, strategies for ethical decision making, and creating their own professional code of ethics.

I may have tricked you this time Chef Fan’s because this time I have a new layout and the categories are on the right now!! Just as before if you want to know more about this class and what I did or my thoughts about it then find it’s name and click on it. Ready and Go


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