Spanish 1&2 (taken all of Mod 5)

Course Description and Rationale

The majority of the workers in kitchens in this country speak Spanish. Spanish language skills are essential to the success of professionals in the food and beverage industry. This class is the first in a series of four classes, it focuses on the rules for grammar and proper use of vocabulary.  Students will speak, write and make presentations in present tense. Topics will include, daily life and creative writing / short stories. Students will create portfolios in which samples of their work will be collected. Assessment will be based on observation, participation, portfolios and in some cases, tests.

I may have tricked you this time Chef Fan’s because this time I have a new layout and the categories are on the right now!! Just as before if you want to know more about this class and what I did or my thoughts about it then find it’s name and click on it. Ready and Go


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