Critical Issues, Reading, Research & Writing (Taken all of Mod 6)

Course Description and Rationale

This course uses a writing-enriched format to prepare students to join the global conversation around critical issues relevant to the culinary profession. The course will accomplish this goal through reading, research, and written products. Using professional writings and other sources, students will examine how humans acquire, use, and think about food—food production; consumer trends; food security, scarcity, and waste; sustainability and innovative solutions; and cultural meanings of food, including terroir. In reading seminars and response journals, students will explore the connections between reading, critical thinking, and self-expression and will begin to develop an individual voice and perspective. Formal short papers, the annotated bibliography,and the research paper will establish a foundation for future work in the B.A. program. Through technical approaches to writing, the process of revising for the Final Portfolio, and grammar clinics, students will have a chance to advance their writing skills. The book review is an extra-credit option that involves reading a full-length bound book on a relevant topic and developing a written assessment of the book’s message, subject matter, and usefulness.


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