Capstone (October 1 – December 30, 2012)

Course Description

This class is designed to demonstrate your accumulated academic prowess in creating a viable piece of work that can become part of a professional portfolio for you to keep.  Through independent research, support from your peers and myself, and utilization of previous program content, you will be asked to design one choice of three major projects that address different areas of restaurant management. The intent of this Project is to further the skills and attributes that you developed as part of the program.

The Capstone is designed to be a culminating experience for students – drawing from their entire time at New England Culinary Institute.  As such, a successful final project is one that demonstrates a student’s ability to :

  • Analyze information
  • Thoroughly research alternatives
  • Organize and prepare a study
  • Follow accepted methods of citation
  • Further develop the attributes and skills that you have learned while at NECI
  • Continue the premise of lifelong learning as part of your professional development
  • Submit a finished document that demonstrates best practices and exemplary effort

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